And…. We’re Back!!!

After some unexpected issues, we have all the bugs worked out (sort of).  I’m so happy and grateful for all the support I’ve received from so many people. I have been blessed with the most amazing support group, not only from my family, but from friends, coworkers, even complete strangers. I feel like I wouldn’t have continued building my business without such amazing people.

It’s really important to know that anytime you’re trying to better yourself or change the way things are usually done, it makes people uncomfortable. It’s inevitable that you will have some resistance. That’s why support is so important and I want everyone who has supported me to know how thankful I am.

I’m also thankful for the ones who created resistance. It will make me so appreciative when I have reached my goal. It has motivated me to work so much harder. I will still be happy to help you if the time comes around, and I wish nothing but positive things for you.sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkin.jpg

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